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  • Abdulkadir Çelebioğlu


In a materialist century, unfortunately, minds have reached the eyes. Well, what might have happened in the end when the evidence of existence of Allah Almighty was read to a high-ranking person who does not believe in Allah properly? Are we wondering? By reading an event that happened in person, we can see it ourselves. Namely;


One day, a top ranking person with many stars on his shoulder says: “There is no such thing as belief in 20.the century. Faith; it was in the past and in a time of ignorance. It was in a past time when there was no science, technique and technology. Talking about belief in this century, believing in something unseen in the sky; It means the resurrected state of the people 10 centuries ago. "

Some of them who hear this there say that: "There are those who prove that Allah that you denied! And with rational, logical proofs! There are those who prove it with mathematical calculations!"

(ALLAH: the creator of man, the world, the universe, all beings that can be seen or cannot be seen. Allah is pre-eternal; that is, its existence has no beginning, because it was not created and its existence is eternal. It was present again when there was nothing. Allah's knowledge, power, will and other attributes are also infinite. He knows and sees everything and all of us at all times. In order to know Allah correctly, it is necessary to know his fourteen attributes in a correct and complete sense. The name Allah includes these attributes as well.)

That high-ranking person says: "Let someone who proves it, I'll remove my rank."

"Could you please give your address?" they say and take the address.

They gave us the address. We went too. We knocked on the door. They said "here you are," and we said in response: "We have come to prove Allah."

"Oooo you guys?" said.

"Yes we are." we said.

"I was waiting for you too." said.

Then he started mocking and said: "Yesterday I was reading the "Cars of the Gods". How unfounded this understanding of Allah is."

“Fortunately, we didn't come the day before. Otherwise, you would have bothered us a little." we said.

He immediately started to say "coincidence and nature".

I opened 23. Flashes, The Book of Nature.. I read it to him.

There, Bediuzzaman gives 4 possibilities. The 4. Possibility says; Choose a pharmacy. The pharmacy has medicines in various jars. We examine the jars and see that they consist of three to five different combinations of drugs. 2 mg of this, 9 mg of that, 1 mg per thousand of the other and so on. If that drugs are taken; taken so precisely and punctually that if there were a little more or less of it, it would be poison instead of medicine. So there is a skilled chemist. If someone would say; "Coincidentally, these medicines came into being from the wind blowing and the overturning of bottles." If the donkey was a mischievous donkey, if he were a human for a moment, he would say "I do not accept this idea" and run away.

When you say these, the man is very serious. After listening to us: "Then I am a donkey!" said.

The friend next to him said: "I am beyond myself."

That high-ranking did not understand this and said, "What do you mean?" he said and rushed at him.

I said to him: “He used an Ottoman composition. I agree with what this friend says. You can't be a donkey! ”

"What am I going to be?" said.

I said to him, “Take your time! You will be human, but first you will be a donkey!" I said.

"How will I be, brother?" said.

"Do not rush! You can't be in a jiffy. It is not possible for a donkey to be human at once." I said.

I continue to read from 23. Flashes, the Nature Treatise.

He says "Yes… Yes… Yes…".

He then said: “Yes, there are forces that govern this universe! There are some powers! ”

And I said to him: “We are currently living in this 10-story apartment building. Now if someone says; ‘The joinery of this apartment, heating equipment, electrical equipment, water supplies, door-window, kitchen-bathroom, etc. This means that they are thought out and designed in advance. It is prepared for people to live. "We just came to this universe apartment, everything is ready. Now if someone says; ‘That building, that apartment; The iron, cement, trees that broke off from the surrounding mountains came together and built this building. "How absurd, isn't it?"

He said: "It's a foolish!"

So I said to him: “Look here! Just as this apartment shows engineer and the sketch, then this universe apartment has a maker (God) who gives order and regularity! "

He used to say "Nature, coincidence". When I reminded me of this: “Don't use those ugly words for God's sake! Yes there are some powers! Tell me about those powers. Quickly tell me about those powers!” he replied.

I said to him: "Take your time!"

Then I read the following verse from the Holy Qur’an: "If there were gods other than Allah, this world would go into mischief."

“Thus There is only one absolute power. There cannot be two mukhtars in a village, two directors in a sub-district, and two governors in a province! An Absolute Judge is required. Because look at this universe! Look at the orbits and revolutions of these planets in order and regularity. If one of them in this system stops for 1 minute, the whole system will all get into each other and shatter. The sun is more than 1 million times bigger than the earth. There are also those bigger than the Sun. They act in such punctuality, in such order, and so delicately that the silence of one movement of even one second will cause the whole universe to deteriorate. There is only one power that has encompassed this whole universe. Because the engineer who built the 50-storey and 100-storey building has completed his project from foundation to ceiling so that it is in order. Otherwise, if somebody built the ceiling, somebody built the floor and did not know about each other, that building could not continue! Then there is a Deity who organizes and administers this building of the universe as well!"

He said: “Yes, yes, it has to be one. But he sees us too, and he rules the universe! How that happens?"

I said: "Don't rush!"

He said: “Hurry up bro! For God's sake!"

I said: “Look, an ant is walking. He bought a grain of wheat. He can see 10 cm in front of him. He says to his ant friend: Ant brother, There is a creature called human. And he carries a thousand times more than the amount of wheat we carry. "He cannot compare it with his own knowledge, strength and power. He cannot compromise his mind. He says, "How can that be?!" What we see in this one, sees a thousand violence. There are many examples like this one."

Then I gave an example in the 16th Word. “If a person enters a room of mirrors, I will be thousands when I am one in reality. But I am the seeing, I am the hearing, I am the eater. The image in the mirror neither sees, hears, nor eats. But, when semi-shining sun reflects on the mirror; it enters into it with its heat, light and seven colors, not me.” Then I explained the attributes of Allah.

After explaining these, the man said: "Allahu Akbar!" said.

Now we said: “The time for prayer has come. We will pray.”

The man said: “I would like it very much. Let's perform a prayer here together.”


Yes, as you can see, endless praise and blessing to Allah, who made the unbeliever say "Allahu Akbar" and made us to cause him to "start prayer".

We suggest you to read The 23.Flashes, Treatise of Nature: "The idea-i kufr that comes from nature kills in a way that will not resurrect, and destroys the cornerstone of unbelief."

The16th word, also mentioned in the speech..

And we advise 30.Flash from Flashes Book which was written on the 6 names of Allah Almighty regarding the rules, orders in the universe.

May Allah Almighty increase our understanding from the works of Risale-i Nur, which are the truths of the Quran and Faith.


Nurani Müdafa

Writer: Abdulkadir Çelebioğlu

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